About Vanilla

Most of the vanilla grown in Uganda is grown by small-scale farmers on Uganda's highly fertile
soils (some of the most uncontaminated soils in the world) organically.
Only mature beans are chosen for processing by BFI and through special care and innovative skills
high levels of vanillin content have been reached.

Description :
Vanilla pods are the fruit of a golden-flowered vanilla orchid,VANILLA PLANIFOLIA, a green-stemmed,
climbing perennial plant with a fleshy succulent stem. The pods (beans) have no flavour when picked,
as the flavour develops during the curing process.



Processing :
Vanilla pods are cured in order for vanillin (responsible for vanilla's distinctive flavour) to be produced.The curing method facilitates the enzymatic process that transforms glucovanillin into vanillin.
Proncessing involves the keeping the pods warm and slowly drying them over a period of time until they become deep brown,with a fine white crystalline coating of vanillin.

Buying and Storing :

Vanilla extract/essence can be bought in bottles and the pods. Soft, dark brown (almost black) pods with a white crystalline coating on the surface are a sign of good quality.
They should be stored in an air-tight container.

Use :
Vanilla has so many uses but among these include :
The pods can be chopped or processed in a blender and then used to flavour cakes,puddings,ice-cream,etc.
The beans can be stored in a sugar jar thereby permeating it with their own sweet aroma.

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