About BFI
Buiga Farm Industries Limited (BFIL) is an export-oriented phyto-products business with a principal place of business at Banda-Kyandaaza, Nakisunga sub-county in Mukono district. The company exports cured vanilla and various essential oils to France and the USA.

The company purchases green vanilla beans from outgrower farmers and processes the beans over a period of three to four months by cooking, sun drying, shade drying, maturing, and packing under inert gas for export.

The company also has nurseries to propagate its own geranium and peppermint cuttings, has significant acreage of both these crops, and extracts essential oils by steam distillation. The oils are exported in aluminum bottles.

Brief History:

BFIL began active trading in 2001, and was granted Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) License SSD/940/43120 on April 10, 2003.

BFIL’s vision is to develop profitable, high value added export opportunities of phyto-products, ensuring sustainable local employment prospects, by closely linking our low cost, high quality production capabilities with the needs of global markets.


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